We at Rainbow Nation are excited to announce our brand new blog page run by non-other than Ingrid Dujon proud author of 'I Will Protect Her'. A biography and true story based on her own life, her own truth and shocking events, being a survivor of childhood and adolescent domestic abuse. This three-part book series details and celebrates the overcoming and triumph in not letting your past become or consume you no matter how difficult and traumatic it may seem, Ingrid Dujon is living proof that the life you wish to lead is defined by you, not your past nor the circumstances in which you are subject to. (Stay tuned for her book launch date, we can't wait!)

Ingrid is part of the LGBTQ+ community and has experienced her own personal battles with sexual orientation and identity. Being a bisexual woman, she has a well-rounded knowledge of varying concerns regardless of its complexity.


With a fresh modern approach to being an agony aunt, our company 'Comfort Queen' will be taking select questions, problems and enquiries sent in by yourselves to provide the appropriate guidance and advice. This will then be submitted in our blog for those of you out there too shy to come forward or simply curious minds. We could not allocate such a task to a more fitting source or refuge.

All queries can be sent in anonymously and your privacy protected at all times to ensure a safe and comfortable venting space. 

Email: comfort@rainbownation.co.uk