So Let's Talk Business  ​ ​



What to expect from us ​


We will work our hardest to promote your creations across all platforms with links to your work, so people know where to find you. To state the obvious this is a chance to make money for your hard work! We appreciate the beauty in art and want to honour your efforts so for every sale of your own creation we are leading the way in royalty rates with 45p in your pocket, a 50% increase than that of our competitors ;) ​


To add to this we want to throw in discounted tickets to future select Rainbow Nation events and live panel evenings (more information available on our Spotify podcast Rainbow Talks by Rainbow Nation) in partnering with us we want our team to feel just as important as they are!   ​

What we expect from you 


Time is precious so here is a guideline to get you featured and paid in good time. Cards submitted must be emailed over in an Adobe Illustrator editable format (this is not to make changes to your original work) but should we need to position or centralise your design this will be possible. We have made submissions effortless with the downloadable template attached at the bottom of this page.


Our brand is built on LGBTQ+ friendly greeting cards so unfortunately, cards that do not reflect this requirement will not make the cut. All submission emails much have clearly stated in the subject header the category that you are applying to be featured in, such as 'Weddings, Birthday's, Transitioning etc..' 


At Rainbow Nation taking time to respectfully highlight diversity is advantageous, as we're proud to boast our all-inclusivity morals, thank you for reading, now go and get your creative gloves on! We'll look forward to hearing from you. ​ ​


If you feel you've got what it takes, contact us and let's find out.  


Good Luck! ​ ​


Email: creators@rainbownation.co.uk

Click below to download documents, all of which will need to be completed and emailed to us for consideration of submission.