Frequently asked questions

I placed an order and haven’t received it.

First and foremost, we’d like to apologise for this inconvenience. We send all purchases via Royal Mail First Class Post, according to Royal Mail 93% of which arrives the next day (Monday – Saturday) when ordered before 14:00 GMT so we can deliver by the final slot. However, deliveries can take up to two – three working days as standard. Covid-19 has caused some delays and Royal Mail have stated they are doing all they can to get deliveries out on time. If you have waited over two – three working days and not received your order please get in contact with us at contact@rainbownation.co.uk and let’s see what we can do to get things moving. For more information visit our Terms and Conditions page which can be found at the bottom of our website.

How do I submit a design?

So, you want to join the Rainbow Nation family? Great to hear it, simply check out our ‘Join our creators’ page. We have a few links to this page including the button on our home page. We’ll need you to have a read through that page and if you have any further questions send us an email to creators@rainbownation.co.uk. Please note all designs will be checked and confirmed before submission to our site. We take diversity and representation of the LGBTQ+ community very serious and want to make sure all of our cards are glowing with love and creativity. Your handbook, template and contract are available for download on our ‘Join Our Creators’ page, you’ll receive another copy of these by email to ensure you have read and filled out all necessary forms, if you have already filled out all information and sent this along with your design you don’t need to do anymore. Please note by submitting a design to our company you are wavering all rights to this design and signing over ownership to Rainbow Nation LTD in return for our agreed royalty rates- this includes the rights to use, modify and share commercially and non-commercially. We do not accept designs already submitted to other companies or used on personal or commercial websites or social media. For more information see our ‘Creator Agreement’ document on our ‘Join Our Creators’ page.

I’d like to buy multiple cards; how will this affect my delivery price?

At Rainbow Nation, we aim to give our customers the best quality at the best price. We use non-industry standard envelopes in aims to get the cheapest delivery rates without compromising on our eco-friendly packaging and making sure your card arrives safe and sound. We can deliver up to 15 cards at great value in a large letter. Orders larger than this will arrive in a small parcel. As our company is still growing if you are looking for orders of larger than 15 pieces we’d love to hear from you and can arrange an appropriate delivery for your needs such as signed for postage, for more information please drop us a message at contact@rainbownation.co.uk see below prices for 15 cards and under;

1 Card, 1st Class Royal Mail £0.99

2 - 4 Cards, 1st Class Royal Mail £1.38

5 - 10 Cards, 1st Class Royal Mail £1.87

11 - 15 Cards, 1st Class Royal Mail £2.37

Amazon delivery may vary on 'Rude' section please see our amazon store for prices

For further information on deliveries please see out Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in whole sale or regular orders, please see our Wholesale installations page for more information or drop us a message at contact@rainbownation.co.uk

I have not received a confirmation email, has my order gone through?

Our site is set up to send confirmation emails when an order is complete, if this hasn’t gone through there may be an issue. The fastest way to check if your order has been received by us is to simply check your previous orders in your account. Click the log in icon to find your account menu. If you are not registered with us or for whatever reason cannot access this function, please send us an email to contact@rainbownation.co.uk. Let us know what you’ve ordered, around what time and with what email address, we’ll have a look on our end to see if we’ve received your order and payment and get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, have a look in your junk mail and spam folder to see if our email confirmation is there.

Can I return an order if it is no longer needed it or something is wrong with my order?

At the moment we aren’t accepting any returns in order to ensure the safety of all of our staff, with the current pandemic. Returns, credit and reimbursement for any items ordered are at complete discretion of our staff, more information can be found in our Terms and Conditions page at the bottom of this page. If you don’t fancy a long read of some boring legalities drop us an email at contact@rainbownation.co.uk from the registered email address and let’s see what we can do. We want all of our customers to have a great experience shopping with us. We appreciate your support and acknowledge the difference each card sold makes towards our chosen charity and our companies missions so let us know what the situation is and hopefully we can come to a mutual beneficial agreement.

How do I create an account?

We’ve kept creating an account and editing your account pretty simple here at Rainbow Nation. Simply click on the My Account icon at the top left of our website and follow the instructions. If you get stuck drop us an email at contact@rainbownation.co.uk

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

You should be able to reset your details through your chosen email, check out the log in page. If you get stuck drop us an email with the subject ‘Forgot my password’ to contact@rainbownation.co.uk make sure you use the email address you’ve registered with!

I want to work at Rainbow Nation, how do I apply?

Well, we are flattered! Here at Rainbow Nation we are a close-knit group and are pretty much a family. As a growing business we are always looking for talented individuals from creators to HR to social media wiz’s. We’ve got many steps to get where we want to be and much work ahead, so the potential for the future is huge. If you like the look of who we are and what we do, drop us an email at contact@rainbownation.co.uk and let’s have a chat about the possibilities. If you are interested in submitting designs as a creator check our ‘Join Our Creators’ page for more information, contact us at creators@rainbownation.co.uk.

What is your security policy?

Check out all of our legalities and policies at the bottom of this page under the title Legal.

How can I talk to the Comfort Queen?

Check out various links through out our site or email at comfort@rainbownation.co.uk response is subject to your query being selected for the blog and at discretion of our Queen, all hail!